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05/23/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Guestpost

Today, a lot of people are using the internet for different purposes and to share their content with the world. The internet is everywhere you look, and it's getting bigger every day. In fact, it is estimated that by 2019 more than half of the world will be online.

This trend has given rise to many opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses alike to promote themselves online. But what does this mean? Why do I need a link management tool?

Link management tools are tools that help you organise, monitor, and report on your links. They help you with your link acquisition and the building of your link profile, Linkshorteners is a full-service, enterprise-level URL shortener. You can use it without having an account if you only need to shorten a few links. Simply paste your long URL into the box on the homepage, press Shorten, and you're done. 

Linkshorteners, on the other hand, stands out with its market offering. The fact that Linkshorteners is so quick and convenient to use is part of the appeal. It has a strong dashboard where you can monitor all the the top links in real-time data points such as visitor venue, organic shares, and more. Campaign monitoring tools are also simple to use.

With Linkshorteners free restricted account, you can shorten and track an infinite number of links, as well as track click rates and details about your top referrers. It's a generous free package that might be appropriate for certain small companies.

LinkShorteners plans
The $3.99/month Premium plan provides a free unlimited custom domain, it allows you to geotargeting and device targeting and shows more data about who clicks your links and a lot of features. If you need more from Linkshorteners, Pro, at $6.99/month, is a big step up but offers more features such as unlimited custom splash screen, unlimited event tracking also have access to developer API and a lot more with Linkshorteners check all the features on the pricing page with the pricing. 

Linkshorteners is the strongest URL shortener for big companies looking to brand and monitor links, and it's also a good option for small businesses looking to create short URLs and track their stats for a small range of promotions.

Linkshorteners even integrates with Zapier and Slack, so you can do things like automatically generate short links.

What is the advantages of using LinkShorteners?
If you are running a content marketing strategy, a link management tool can be a great way to find new potential places to get links from by monitoring the links that other sites have given out. It is also helpful for keeping track of all the places where your website or blog posts are featured or linked to.

Link management is an important part of any SEO campaign. There are many tools you can use to manage links, but when it comes to ranking higher in Google, Moz Local has the best link management tool.

A link management tool allows you to organize your links in an easy-to-find way that facilitates linking between pages on your site, improving search engine optimization and helping visitors find information quickly without having to visit page after page of links looking for what they're looking for.


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