Is Mrephrase PDF tools safe?

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Our responses to each question you've got approximately the security of your files and our services.

The internet has made our lives exceptionally helpful in many approaches. However, with this convenience comes lots of dangers. We are sensitive to the threat of data theft and information abuse due to media coverage on these subjects. We ought to be adept at discerning which websites to consider and distrust with our private information. That is why it's miles vital to us at Mrephrase to offer you insights into how we manner your senses to guarantee you that the answer to "is Mrephrase safe?" is "yes."


Encryption & HTTPS

The security of your data is of utmost significance to us. When you access our internet site, you'll usually proceed with a secure connection. You can verify this with the aid of seeking out the "HTTPS" prefix and the padlock symbol to your browser's seek bar. This indicates that the web page you are touring uses is using secure data transfer protocols. They encrypt the data you upload to this website so no outsider can see it. Different sites that may not have this protocol in the area will show "HTTP" pages alternatively. Relying on your browser, you could see an information icon as opposed to the padlock. Of course, HTTPS is the minimum standard we set for ourselves at Mrephrase, and we use the latest encryption strategies to ensure your data's safety.


Safety Standards

We follow the globally standard ISO standardization for using an information protection management system (ISO 27001:2013). This means we have a first-rate protection device in the area, keep positive it operates at all times, and continually take measures to improve it. ISO is a global company to create requirements in many areas. These standards make sure that services and products are safe, of high satisfaction, and efficient. ISO operates as an unbiased, non-governmental employer; consequently, their system is free of bias or prompted by using political interest.


Data Storage

Your files are your business, not ours, no longer ours. Our prerogative is to help you get the job done you set out to do, be it to make your pdf smaller for sending it out to others, to combine exceptional documents into one effortlessly, or to transform files to or from pdf trouble-free. To try this, you add your file to our servers and download the result. This means that your file makes a stop on our servers to meet your request. However, we do no longer store your file for longer than 24 hours. Inside this time, you can email the converted file to your email the result and go about your day. Afterward, we can permanently delete your files after 24 hours of processing. 


You don't have to share with us any information about yourself. You can use PDF tools without registration with Mrephrase.


Who Can See My Documents?

When you upload a document to Mrephrase, only you can see it. No person, however you could view, edit, or in any other case get right of entry to your files until you explicitly provide them permission to accomplish that. The above-stated new SSL encryption and our secure servers guarantee the safety of your data 100%. Whether or not you're using Mrephrase convert or edit your files or to store files the use of your client account, you are in complete manage of your documents and who can see, edit, or in any other case get entry to them.


Is Mrephrase Safe?

The protection of your data is of maximum importance to us. Each step of the manner, your files are blanketed via SSL encryption, secure European servers, and your very own control over them. We attempt to provide you with an extensive, smooth-to-use, and cozy service that helps you get things executed without trouble. However, take not the handiest our word for it. 


We recognize that "is Mrephrase secure?" is a critical and justified question and desire to have given you all of the information you need to conclude that Mrephrase is the right service for you.


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