Adsense Calculator

About Adsense Calculator

If you have landed on this AdSense Calculator, chances are you want to calculate your earning from AdSense account. If you're going to monetize your website and blog content, Google AdSense is an easy and quick way. Once you get approval for the AdSense account, you have to generate some code. Insert this code into your website and start making money. Sound simple, right?! It isn’t so!

Every website or blog owner wants to make money from Google AdSense. For this process, you have to learn about the number of visitors on your site to create a good revenue. Until you can get a significant number of visitors, AdSense earning will be really low. To calculate the number of visitors on your website, it is essential to have some information from your Google Analytics and AdSense account. In the absence of any of these accounts, make sure to collect necessary data before calculating the number of visitors.

Wondering how knowing about your AdSense revenue details can help. Here’s how:

1)Decide total revenue you want to earn on a weekly, daily or monthly basis.
2)Understand the pay from advertisers for one-click on their advertisements and in a particular niche in which your website is operating.
3)Find out how many pages a visitor can see on your site.
4)Find out the number of visitors with ad-blocking software on their browsers.
5)Estimate the number of visitors who can click on ads on your site.
6)Calculate total page views and number of visitors you need for Google AdSense earnings.