CPM Calculator

A CPM (Cost Per Mille) Calculator is a tool used in advertising to calculate the cost of reaching one thousand impressions (views) of an advertisement. CPM is a common pricing model in digital advertising, especially for display and video ads.

Here's how a typical CPM Calculator works:

1. Enter the total cost: Input the total cost of the advertising campaign or the cost for a specific number of impressions.

2. Enter the total impressions: Specify the total number of impressions or views that the ad received during the campaign.

3. Calculate the CPM: The calculator divides the total cost by the total impressions and multiplies the result by 1,000 to calculate the cost per thousand impressions.

4. View the results: The calculator displays the CPM, which represents the cost to reach one thousand impressions.

CPM is commonly used by advertisers and publishers to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. It allows them to compare the relative costs of different advertising channels and campaigns based on the number of impressions they generate. CPM can be a useful metric for budgeting, planning, and optimizing advertising efforts.

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